Silk colours

People and computers see colour differently. This page gives you a verbal description of the silk colours available from -- so your imagination can tell you the things that your computer screen may not be showing you. ;-)

Aubergine. This magical colour goes beautifully with absolutely every colour you put next to it. It's very much a purple, but it behaves like a brown. It enriches any blue or green hues you combine it with, and it encourages and energizes the reds and oranges. By itself, it's lovely, too: a purple that's not too purple, a ruddy colour that's not too "brick", a neutral that's anything but "blah". It's subtle, sexy, discreet, helpful, and heart-warming. ...And in case you couldn't tell, I really like it. ;-) Aubergine, by the way, is the French name for Eggplant.

Berry Creme. The juice of raspberries and blackberries mixed with cream in a frozen dessert -- except, of course, that this is silk. Completely delicious. This colour is especially lovely in combination with Marigold.

Blackberry. A deep, deep purple that leans toward both navy and brown. It also behaves as a neutral colour, going with almost everything else -- but it's sombre, kind of a bass note that runs below the other colours and gives them a grounding point. Very useful, and very late autumn.

Blue So True. This is Blue as blue was meant to be. An uncomplicated hue, sweet and cooperative, it is equally comfortable with the strong colours and the discreet ones.

Canard. In French, canard means "duck", and this rich blue-green echoes the undulating colours of a mallard duck's feathers -- both the ones on his head and those in the blue patch on his wing. It is a useful, calming colour.

Chartreuse. Of all the colours, this is the one that can't show its true form onto a computer screen. In real life, it is luminous, joyful, and pleasing, carrying the freshness of springtime and the hopes of a year just starting to bloom. A light and cheerful green.

Citron. A sunny lemon yellow. This is a yellow to cheer the heart and brighten even the dreariest of dull days. Citron combines nicely with Sunspot and Marigold, but it can also hold its own in combination with greens and blues.

Copper. Beautiful, warm, molten metallic (or almost!), this copper is a colour to warm the heart and make it sing. Parts of the silk top shine nearly golden; others deepen into shadow. Between the two, this is as true a copper as one can coax from silk. Copper goes beautifully with most other colours, but is breathtaking combined with purples, deep turquoise, and certain greens.

Coquelicot. This is the French name for the wild poppies that show up here in late summer (if you've ever looked at those Monet paintings of people walking through meadows, you've seen them -- they're the dots of bright red peeking through the grasses). This is a poppy red: bright, sunny, with gleams of orange here and there and an occasional dot of sunlight.

Garnet. This brownish bordeaux works nicely in combination with other colours. It is not a star in its own right, but prefers to stay into the background while other colours show themselves off.

Green Tropics. A cheerful, almost-edible green. This colour blends the rich, exotic colours of Caribbean waters with the lush verdure of the rainforest. It's a strong colour, but plays nicely with Lilac, Lagoon, Indigo Turquoise, and any of the purples.

Imperial purple. You've heard of "royal purple" -- well, this is it! A clear, rich, vibrant purple that is proud of its dominant character. It will go with almost any other colour -- but it will be the boss.

Indigo Turquoise. The beauty of this sensual turquoise can never be captured in a photo. Rich with the eloquent blue of the stone for which it's named, it sweeps into mysterious shadows, then re-emerges. A lovely colour that goes well with Copper, but also with any of the purples and most greens.

Lagoon. Afternoon sunlight on a tropical bay -- a cheerful turquoise that leans toward opalescent highlights instead of shadow. It's a strong colour that works best with other strong colours. It's especially effective with Green Tropics -- together, these two do a gentle, iridescent dance.

Lilac. A luminous, subtle lavender, like backlit flowers, this colour becomes neutral when combined with a strong colour, but glows when combined with another quiet hue.

Marigold. A joyful mix of orange and sunny yellow, with occasional streaks of red -- just like the flowers! Marigold is a magical colour. In the company of Berry Creme, it is summery and sensual. Combined with a deep colour, it gives a dramatic flash. Marigold is one of the most popular colours in this palette.

Navy. Deep, deep blue, as blue as the depths, as deep as the shadows. This is an excellent, clear, grounding colour that works to give a strong presence to a yarn, or to act as accomplice to a strong colour.

Red (with a capital "R"). This is a true red, not as vibrant as Scarlet (which is slightly tipped more toward orange), but clear, strong, and... Red. It can hold its own in the company of most other colours. Red.

Rose. A luminous pink that undulates, shimmers, and makes the heart sing. The clearest description of it would be to talk of rose petals and cream -- but it's much more beautiful than that. I'm not normally a person who cares for pink, but I love this one. It glows with an inner light.

Royal. A clear, unblinking royal blue. This is a strong hue that can hold its own in the company of any other colour, but is especially lovely combined with cool tones: other blues, purples, and greens.